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When you visit an Aquajardin store, we want you to be inspired. That is why we have designed our stores and displays to generate ideas for you to help you explore the art of aquatics and reptiles.

With a contemporary design and look and feel, our stores are bright, airy and interesting. We are renowned for our innovative designs, specialist aquascaping and reef displays. We specialise in planted aquariums and our expert team have created beautiful planted displays with fish, invertebrates and live plants. We want you to get a feel for how our aquariums would look in your home, so you can make the best selection, that is why we have designed our lifestyle displays so you can see how everything works as well as deciding on what fits with your interior.

We specialise in healthy lifestock from all over the world. We import our livestock into our dedicated quarantine systems for treating, feeding and resting before they are put in our display aquariums. From hardy beginner species to exotic oddballs and catfish, we have everything in store. Our marine display includes ethically sourced fish species, maricultured hard and soft corals as well as clean up crew and anemones. 

Our watergardening displays are there for generating ideas for your own home or garden. With attractive set ups for contemporary gardens as well as more classic designs, we have a water feature option for every size garden. We also have all the materials you need to create a natural pond display, from nature ponds to attract wildlife to creating a sophisticated koi pool, we display it all so you can generate ideas.

Our reptile offering focuses on care. We ensure we provide you with all the information and our expert staff are on hand to offer the best advice, to ensure that you are committed to responsible pet ownership. We have transferred our aquascaping skills to develop and grow beautiful live planted eco systems, ideal for tropical species, which make for attractive displays.

Our helpful and friendly staff are on hand to offer you the best advice to help you start or expand your aquatic or reptile adventure, so come and meet them for yourselves and visit our specialist stores!


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