Uromastyx sp.

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30cm - 90cm depending on species
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These friendly lizards make ideal pets, especially for those who do not like to feed livefood, as they only eat vegetable matter!

120 x 35 x 35cm vivarium (LxWxH) depending on size.
Air temperature 30-35°c with a basking spot of 50°c +.
Desert UVB 10.0 T8 lighting.
Feed greens and seeds daily for food and hydration.
Not required. These animals hydrate from their food.
Daily Care
Spot clean the vivarium, removing any waste. Ensure there is always fresh greens for your uromastyx to feed and hydrate from.
Weekly Care
Check all equipment is working correctly. Enhance green food with vitamins and calcium supplement 2-3 times a week to keep your uromastyx healthy.
Long Term Care
Change substrate monthly, clean the vivarium with reptile disinfectant to prevent odours and to control bacteria. Change bulbs every 6-12 months.

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